Littmann Classic III vs MDF MD One Stethoscopes

The Littmann Classic III and the MDF MD One stethoscopes are both popular choices with medical professionals everywhere. In a review by, the Littmann Classic III garnered 38.5/50 stars, while the MDF MD One received 32.5/50 stars. Here is a breakdown of some other features of each.


  • Both models come with a lifetime warranty


  • The Price difference between these models is significant, and probably the biggest factor overall. On average the Littmann Classic III comes in at almost twice the price of the MDF MD One, though given its importance to medical professionals, price is not usually the biggest consideration.


  • The Littmann Classic III weighs 180g
  • The MDF MD One weighs 190g.


  • The spare kit of the Littmann Classic III includes soft eartips, a non-chill rim, and of course a users manual,
  • The MDF MD One’s spare kit includes 2 sizes of ear tips, a plastic diaphragm, a nametag, and again as users manual.


  • The Littmann Classic III is often praised for its comfortable fit and lightweight design. In one review it was mentioned that the Littmann Classic III is suitable in weight and is not noticeable when carried around, suggesting a comfortable wearing experience.¬†Additionally, another user on expressed a preference for the Littmann Classic III, stating that it is comfortable to wear and does not feel bothersome around the neck.
  • On the other hand, the MDF MD One has been noted to be slightly heavier by some users. One user mentioned that the MDF MD One is kind of heavy, which may affect its comfort, especially for those who prefer not to wear items around their neck.

Market Perception and Reviews

Both the Littmann Classic III and the MDF MD One stethoscopes are well-regarded for their sound quality. According to a review on, both stethoscopes obtained a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for their acoustics, indicating that they both offer excellent, powerful, and clean sound.  However, in a Reddit post, some users mentioned that the Littmann Classic III is perceived to have better build quality and clearer acoustics, especially for picking out finer sounds, which is attributed to its sensitivity.

The MDF MD One is considered suitable for medical professionals when they are starting out and general use due to its slightly lower price.

The Littmann Classic III is perceived to be better made. Some users note that the Littmann stethoscope has better build quality, and more customization options.


Based on the available information, the choice between the Littmann Classic III and the MDF MD One stethoscopes ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. The Littmann Classic III may be preferred for its brand reputation, warranty, and spare kit features, while the MDF MD One could be a suitable option for those looking for a more affordable stethoscope with a lifetime warranty, but some users noted that it may have slightly muffled sounds and is not as sensitive as the Littmann Classic III.

Our overall pick is the Littmann Classic III because despite a few extra dollars, this is not a purchase that you want to go cheap on.

We also recommend checking out the Littmann Classic III Black Edition.

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