Carhartt Women’s Modern Fit 4 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Tops VS Dickies Dynamix Women’s Tops

The Carhartt Women’s Modern Fit 4 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Tops and Dickies Dynamix Women’s Tops are two great options, that we’re excited to review.


  • The price of the Carhartt scrubs and Dickies Scrubs as relatively similar, with Carhartt running just slightly more on average.

Durability and Quality

  • Carhartt scrubs are durable, hard-working, and stain-fighting, yet lightweight and rugged, very much in keeping with their parent brand.
  • Dickies has a similar reputation to Charhartt, but with the Dickies Dynamix Women’s Tops in particular, they are loaded with performance features, indicating a focus on durability and quality.


  • Both Carhartt and Dickies are well-established brands known for their quality workwear and uniforms, and both lean on a rugged and durable image.

Comfort and Flexibility

Both brands are well-reputed for their quality workwear. Carhartt scrubs are highlighted for their durability, stain-fighting properties, and lightweight feel, while the Dickies Dynamix Women’s Tops are loaded with performance features. Both brands prioritize comfort and flexibility in their designs. Given similarities, it may come down to brand preference.


Carhartt Women’s Modern Fit 4 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Tops

  • Features a 4-pocket design.
  • Made with stretch fabric for comfort and flexibility.
  • Some additional options are available, like a media port for added convenience.

Dickies Dynamix Women’s Tops

  • Offers a 3-pocket design, including a zippered sleeve pocket.
  • The tops are have a contemporary fit, v-neckline, and short sleeves for comfort.
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