Koi Scrubs vs Figs Scrubs – the real deal

Below is an overview of the benefits and features of Koi Scrubs vs Figs Scrubs.

Comfort and Fit

  • Most medical professionals find Koi scrubs to be comfortable, with a good fit and flattering tops.
  • However, some people say that Figs scrubs are tight on their thighs and hips, while others find them to be uncomfortable due to the lack of stretch in the fabric

On this one, we’ve got to give it to Koi.


  • Figs is known for its high prices, with some people feeling the price is not justified and calling them “overrated.”
  • Koi scrubs are generally considered more affordable than Figs, and rank high on value-for-the-money regularly.

Again, when it comes to price, Koi wins.

Range of Variety of Styles

  • Koi does offer a range of styles, and is particularly proud of their inclusion of lots of pockets. However they lean more into function than fashion.
  • Figs is known for its stylish designs, but some medical professionals have mentioned limitations in terms of fit and stretch – as we mentioned in Comfort above.

We’ll call this one a tie because if fashion is your top priority, then perhaps Figs is right for you. But our guess is that for a profession that is all about flexibility and function, you’d pick Koi given the choice.


It really comes down to individual tastes, but on balance, Koi seems to be the smarter choice. Some users prefer Koi for its comfort, fit, and practicality, while others appreciate Figs for its stylish designs despite the higher price point. If you’ve got money to spare, we’d still say try Koi first, because then you can use that money to treat yourself to something when your shift ends!

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