Cherokee Infinity vs Cherokee Revolution

The Cherokee Revolution and Infinity scrubs are both popular choices from the same family. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.


The Cherokee Revolution and Infinity scrubs both offer a contemporary look and a flattering fit. The Revolution collection is known for its comfortable and sporty fit, while the Infinity collection boasts a unique four-way stretch fabric designed for comfort.


Both collections provide a modern and trendy aesthetic. The Revolution scrubs offer a sportier style, while the Infinity scrubs are known for their trendier design and sportier styles, so this comes down to action or style.


The price of the scrubs varies, but largely you can find tops and bottoms from both collections that are close in price.


Cherokee has always been known for its commitment to durability and comfort. Both the Revolution and Infinity collections are designed to be durable, with the Revolution collection featuring antimicrobial properties and a durable fluid barrier.


The Cherokee Revolution and Infinity scrubs are designed for flexibility, with the Revolution collection really leaning into flexibility by offering a flexible fabric that provides a flattering fit.


The scrubs in both collections are equipped with pockets for practicality. Since these are both more fashion-forward brands, they give you enough pockets to be practical, but they don’t put a premium on them. Surprisingly the mens styles of both Infinity and Revolution seem to have more pockets in general.


The Revolution collection features a softer fabric, with some lines made of 20% rayon and 2% spandex, offering a comfortable and stretchy feel. On the other hand, the Infinity collection is known for its unique four-way stretch fabric designed for comfort and moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for medical professionals on the move. Additionally, the Revolution Tech line by Cherokee Workwear offers scrubs with antimicrobial and fluid barrier properties, which are designed for durability and performance. 


The Cherokee Revolution and Infinity scrubs offer an inclusive range of sizing options, making them suitable for various body types. The sizing options for both collections range from XXS to 5XL, and they also provide flexible fabric in all the garments to ensure a flattering fit for all body types. However, it’s worth noting that some medical professionals have reported that the fit of the Infinity V-Neck Top ran a little large, suggesting that sizing down may be necessary. Overall, both the Revolution and Infinity scrubs are designed to accommodate a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

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