Cherokee Scrubs vs Dickies Scrubs

It’s time to figure out how Cherokee and Dickies match up.


  • Both Cherokee and Dickies scrubs are priced in the middle to mid-upper end of the range, so they are close on this one.
  • Dickies, however, are known for being priced reasonably and offering good value for money, so when it comes to value, they have a better reputation.


  • Dickies has a long-standing reputation as a trusted workwear brand, known for its high-quality and durable products.
  • Cherokee has worked hard to shed its reputation of “stiff fabric that eventually softens” by offering several lines beyond the traditional Workwear, including Infinity and Revolution.


  • Some medical professionals have reported that Dickies scrubs are more durable, with the Cherokee label falling off on their Cherokee scrubs while their Dickies scrubs are still in good condition. While it’s not necessarily conclusive, durability probably leans towards Dickies.


  • Dickies scrubs often have a more traditional and rugged workwear aesthetic, focusing on functionality and durability with classic designs and solid colors.
  • Cherokee scrubs offer a wider range of style options, including collaborations with popular franchises and brands, allowing for more diverse and fashionable designs with a mix of solid colors and vibrant prints.

So in terms of functionality, it somewhat depends on what functionality means to you.

Design and Variety

  • Dickies scrubs provide a range of practical design choices, including various styles of scrub pants and tops with v-neck or mock wrap designs.
  • Cherokee scrubs offer a wider range of style options, incorporating trendy details and additional necklines and design variations in their scrub tops.

For design and variety, Cherokee definitely has more options.

In summary, Dickies scrubs are known for their durability, functionality, and reasonable pricing, while Cherokee scrubs offer a wider variety of fashionable designs and style options. The choice between the two brands ultimately depends on individual preferences for style, durability, and functionality.

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