Figs or Cherokee; Which is more comfortable?

Figs and Cherokee are two popular brands of medical scrubs, each with their own unique features and qualities. When it comes to comfort, several factors such as fit for various body types, softness, and flexibility should be considered.

Fit for Various Body Types

  • For starters, Figs scrubs run a little bit small compared to Cherokee, especially the tops, which are looser in the breast area and tighter in the hips.
  • Cherokee scrubs are known for their sportier styles and unique four-way stretch fabric designed for comfort, making them suitable for various body types.


  • People consistently note that Cherokee scrubs mentioned that the material feels noticeably rougher compared to Figs scrubs.
  • Figs scrubs are always rated as being softer and more form-fitting, making them a preferred choice for some medical professionals.


  • Cherokee’s Infinity line of scrubs boasts a unique four-way stretch fabric designed for comfort and flexibility. Workwear on the other hand, is more of a utility brand.
  • Figgs scrubs are known for their flexibility and comfort, with many individuals finding them to be worth the higher price due to their softness and style.

In summary, while Figgs scrubs are known for their softness and form-fitting design, Cherokee scrubs are praised for their flexibility and suitability for various body types. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands may depend on individual preferences for fit, softness, and flexibility…and of course budget.

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